What to Choose, a Inkjet or LaserJet Printer?

If you are considering to buy a printer  and is unsure what to choose between an inkjet or laser printer, this information below can surely help you! This comparison will make you decide which printer is better and suits your need.

Both of these printers have its weakness and strength. Each of this type can be of best output when properly used on its design and purpose. Basically, the inkjet printer performs printing through its liquid ink that is sprayed on its microscopic nozzle while the laser printer has a heated fusers and a toner cartridge. For your benefit the listed below are some of the considerations and comparisons of both inkjet and laser printer.

  • The Unit Cost. The price of Inkjet printer ranges from $60-$70 while laser printers cost around $130. Inkjet printers are generally sold with a starter cartridge, but not in its full level. It means that after some prints you will buy ink for it. While the laser printers are sold with cartridges containing full ink.
  • Ongoing Costs. These are the supplies such as ink, paper, toner, and maintenance. The ink of inkjet printers costs less expensive compared to laser et printers. The advantage of it is the longevity of use. Inkjets ink can be used longer compared to laser printers.
  • Printing Speed. The best printer to use in printing black and white documents is the laser printer. It is more economical and faster in printing documents compared to inkjet. Accordingly, it can print for about 20 pages per minute compared to the inkjet that can only print about 6 pages per minute.
  • Output quality. When it comes to printing pictures and colored documents the output of inkjet is of higher quality compared to laser printers.


So, what to choose now, inkjet printers or laser printer? Well, depending on your needs and how you will intend to use it.  Also, don’t forget to take this into consideration, choose the highly printer repairs and maintenance in maintaining or fixing your device. Planned maintenance will help you to use the printer utmost productive performance.

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