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A Biology Topic You Never considered – Life spans and laughter – Why Comedians Die Young ?

They say that laughter is good for the soul, and the people with a great sense of humor last longer, meaning they live longer, can laugh their way through the difficulties. Well, it is true? Seem to be a difference between satire and humor, and it’s a great difference.

Someone tired of life, probably because of hard times, and somewhat cynical in many ways, you could say many negative things that affect their personality, and this may affect their immune system, although no one knows for sure. Even worse, there is no empirical evidence of what I suggest.

Okay so, you are aware that some of the top comedians never seem to live to old age, and only some of them are – the wish of George Burns and Bob Hope. But most of the modern comedian died well before his time. Why is that? It is not a subject of biology that you can find anywhere, and you can go to Google and scholars have been no reports of studies on this. And despite conventional wisdom, and the urban myth seems to indicate that people with a good sense of humor live longer because, that may be true – it can not be proven, and there are too many examples the only opposite.

Still, we know from the best comedians, they do not often live to old age. Is it because their negativity – they have to find negative things to make light of their routine? Is it because of the kind of comedy? Is it because of stress entertaining on stage? Is it due to the fact that they continue to make fun of other people, and maybe have another send them back negative vibes Is it because they feel like everyone loves them because just they are beautiful, and not for who they are -?

Impostor phenomenon? Is it because they are a bit manic depressed behind it all, and they made their humor as a shield or as a fun look? They do not spend their lives making others laugh hear, because their lives are apathetic, or they feel inadequate or depressed? We know that depression is not good for the longevity of life, in any case, it is necessary that further explored. And I hope you will please consider this subject of biology.

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Butterflies and Moths – their differences

They hovered around our garden. These are six-legged, scaly wings, exoskeleton segment into three parts and antennas. Is it a butterfly? Or moth? Difficult, is not it? That is because both derived from insect order Lepidoptera. Command is one of the largest in the second most number of species of insects. Telling the two apart can be a real pain. There are exceptions, to make the rules clear. But in general, Butterflies and moths can be distinguished if you look at early details.

AntennaLet ‘on their heads. Both sport an antenna. But if you look closely, you can see the Butterflies antennae are straight and end up with small buttons. Moths have feathery antennae. However, as stated earlier, there are exceptions. Castniidae moths have antennae that end with a key to the body Butterflies example.

BodyThe different from moths. Such as antennas, also hairy moth or a little hairy. You can easily see the short hair on the entire body. Butterfly body is smooth. Excluding the exoskeleton.

ActivityButterflies day, which means they are active during the day. Moths generally avoid the sun. They are active at night. However, sometimes the tiger moths can be found active during day.

ColorButterflies wearing color gamut. It is bright and attracted much attention. Wing moths tended to dull and brown colors. Some moths do sports colorful wings, however, as some have wings.

Wings Butterflies moths plain RestWhen is sleeping or resting, the wings are held flat or folded over the back. It looks like it is wearing a robe. Butterfly hold their wings upright and erect.

PupaBoth species begins as a caterpillar, cocoon spinning when it is time to be at the end of each stage. Butterfly cocoon called a pupa. It is generally more difficult than cocoon and hang from the branches. Moth pupae is not as tough and usually they are placed close to the ground, above ground or below ground to help protect itself.

FoodButterflies feed on nectar. Sometimes they drink liquids from rotting fruit and other carrion. Moths also feed on nectar but many species also feed on natural fibers such as cotton or wool. In other words, they can chew clothing. They also have a habit of breaking silos and other storage places and eat as many food as they want. Many consider the moth as a pest because of this.

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Verticillium Wilt – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Verticillium wilt is a disease that affects more than 300 species of plants, including potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and cotton. This is caused by Verticillium dahliae and Verticillium albo-atrum fungi.The plant pathogen Verticillium dahliae is the most common: can thrive in a wider range of soil. Verticillium albo-atrum in the most severe climates with colder soils.

Spot Signs: Identification SymptomsVerticillium fading often affect and can kill plants usually seen from spring to autumn. It infects the plant through the roots, growing with their water-conducting tissues and ultimately lead to stress-induced fading. Furthermore, Verticillium dahliae and Verticillium albo-atrum Verticillium wilt caused by the fungus dieback.

Trees may experience some dieback of limbs but not whole trees, dead branches may show symptoms of infection before years.

Common of fungal infection include yellowing and leaf shrivel lower and wilting of all or part of the affected plants. This disease also creates stripes in brown or black tissue under faded. Symptoms of an enlarged during warm weather and vegetation can recover a bit cooler, and wet conditions.

Treatment PreventionAs disease contracted through the soil, it is important to not spread through contaminated soil Verticillium wilt. Spread of Verticillium dahliae and Verticillium albo-atrum destroyed by applying a broad spectrum fungicide like oxidation of EnviroSelects. While often used as a pre-plant dip or medical leaves, is also an effective ground drench.

Outbreaks be somewhat controlled by weeds and infected plants, including the roots as much as possible. Heavy watering is effective in the treatment of diseases, and soil treatment products such as TerraClean can be applied through drip irrigation to eliminate pathogens.

Avoid homeland replace infected plants to other susceptible plants. Growing herbs for 15 years before trying another possibility, as the plants resistant to fungal replanting.

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Sodium fluoride and Negative Impact in the pineal gland

Truth about sodium fluoride on pineal gland

In the late 90’s, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke conduct the first study the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland, which is located in the center of the brain, is the target of fluoride. The pineal gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones.

The pineal is a discussion about the number of seats the soul or the third eye. This is represented in Roman Catholicism: they describe the pineal as the pine cone in one art.

When active, allowing you to realize all knowing god euphoria and when others around you. Even traveling to another dimension. There is research to be done, there is a certain time at night, between the hours of one and four in the morning where the chemical is released in the brain that cause feelings of connectedness a higher origin. There are many synthetic chemicals and drugs that carry the same sensation as to what the pineal gland normally produces no harm to brain.

There many stories of mothers said, and last year dropped to 1000 that someone had drilled holes in their foreheads. They were then driven to the bamboo to tweak the pineal gland to bring about a state of euphoria. They are classified as a seer. Many people were killed by this process.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that if you take the seat of the soul, that we lost one of the Lord and our strength. The reason why raise a red flag for me, I read an article about Jennifer Lucas and he talked about the pineal gland being the fascination with sodium fluoride. It calcifies the gland and make it effective in balancing the entire hormonal process through the body. He was the only one to do it and not funded by anyone because of the delicate touch of research topic.

I add up all the points and this is not funny that sodium fluoride into the most important gland in the brain? This is the only thing which strikes at the heart of our most important gland in the brain. It is used by a lot of food, beverages and drinking in the bathroom and put fluoride water.

Sodium on 90% of U.S. water supplies. Water filter that you buy at the supermarket does not take fluoride out. Only reverse osmosis water or cleaning. The cheapest way is to buy a water distiller.

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Can a Human Space Flight Pregnancy survive – We Need to Know Before we dare to go !

If there are people who roamed far it will take a long time to get there, at least with current technology, and until we find a way to warp space-time, and fold it into our favor, or transverse, well, we need to understand some trip of a lifetime – that means we have to find a way to breed the next generation to continue the mission, if we ever get there. Where ever “there” may be.

Not long ago, I discussed the real issues involved in the loss of bone density, artificial gravity, and the frequency of the earth, the energy vibrations that our bodies are very focused. First, we need to find ways to enable people to live full lives in the sky, no premature death, and do it in a healthy environment to prevent them from becoming too hot ship.

Or continue their work in the space, as a science fiction writer reasoned, we need a way to allow the body to sleep longer operating well below 10% without damage, allowing it to travel a distance ten times every hour of life – ten times the good life – which could potentially be long enough to obtain the desired goal – hopefully, You just plan.

Now later, the question remains, can reproduce human space – that says, human pregnancy can survive space flight, gravity zero, or near zero gravity long enough to have a child Practical? We need to know this before we send a team out to travel the stars. So, what’s the answer, it can be done or not? The truth is we do not know the answer to this question, although I am certainly not the first to propose them, or the last. An interesting paper to read online about this topic: “Sex on Mars: Pregnancy, Fetal Development, and Sex In Outspace,” by R. Joseph and published in the Journal of Cosmology, October-November 2010, Vol 12, 4034, 4050.Perhaps, it is the best justification why we need NASA Astro-biological division to conduct research topic. We never let our imagination for long-term space exploration human being to come to fruition, we need to know, therefore, we need to proceed as taxpayers to fund such R and D, until we know for sure. Only then, we can start the future of the human quest begins. Please consider all this.

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Bacterial Leaf Spot and Canker – Identification, Treatment and Prevention

Bacterial spot and bacterial ulcer disease usually affects seriously nectarine, chocolate, plum, almond, apricot and cherry trees. Both suffering and emptiness of life do not leave the tree, thus reducing the yield and fruit quality produce.

No is part of the affected trees spared, twigs, leaves and fruit itself is attacked resulting in the removal of leaves, flowers and blight lesions. Bacterial spot and bacterial cancer is a common concern in areas where the annual rainfall is greater than 20 inches per year.

Signs and Spot SymptomsBacterial cause spots or purplish-black small water-soaked spots on fruit. This disease breaks the skin and causes the skin to the fruit sink. If contracted early this season, with a deep scar on the fruit skin. Within 30 days of harvest appears as circular, yellow spots on the fruit surface.

Bacterial result Leaf Spot angles, where soaked in water that appears when light shines on the back of the affected leaves. Within 1-2 weeks of contracting the disease, the lesions become the center off the wall and drop out, so Shothole. Shothole common in the distal end of the blade and around large blood vessels. Water is thicker films in this area, as appropriate, will leave dry more slowly. It only takes two or three lesions affecting enough to make the leaves turn yellow and fall tree.

Often appear on twigs, cancer bacteria appear in spring and summer. Summer cancer can be identified by odd-shaped, dark, sunken lesions on the twigs when they left the era. Cancer often manifested spring near twig tips in development last season and emerged as blisters. Both types of cancer to prevent buds from opening, therefore, results in a number of tips sadness tree.

Tomato bacteria die Spot is a unique version of the disease resulting in a dark, circular leaf lesions. First lesion to the corner and then you dry and fall off. Immature tomato fruit affected by bacterial spot marred by small, raised black spots with water-soaked borders. They tend to be brown, sunken scabs, but usually do not cause rot.

Cycle of Leaf Spot and Cancer DiseaseBacterial bacteria infect trees in late autumn as the leaves drop. Water is very important bottlenecks for infection to occur. The bacteria then multiply in twigs during favorable temperature and naturally seeps from the hole in the spring, during the rainy season. Bacteria continue to leak from Cancer for 30 days and on the leaves and fruit wound around the rest season.

Treatment and Prevention OptionsLosses as bacterial spot and bacterial cancer can be minimized by planting resistant cultivars. It is important to monitor the plants every week from shuck split at the end of the season for signs of disease. Next, check for lesions smaller fruit and leaves to the corner, water-soaked lesions. Leaves should be held up to the light for inspection properly.

Tomato Spot bacteria can sometimes be prevented by the use of pathogen-free seeds and transplants, avoid overhead watering and use the address for the rain to reduce splash.

If disease contracted, can be seen within 24 hours after infection and displayed in the middle of the toughest roots and leaf tips. Shothole visible symptoms within three days.

Control pass it by working in the affected areas and avoid them when the end is really wet the leaves. It is important to decontaminate tools after working with infected plants.

Treatment to oxidation, the solution leaves, and TerraClean, soil conditioner, it is advisable if the disease has been on-site in the past and affects more than 5% of the fruit. It is also useful if the lesion is now affecting more than 20% of the fruit to grow and develop new lesions within week.

With environmentally friendly chemical treatments that can kill bacteria continue until harvest. It can also be safely delayed for extended dry weather. While effective treatment for suffering trees, spray TerraClean like to oxidation and can also be applied as a preventive measure before symptoms appear.

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Can Start Living and growing Planetary Stable Lagrange Points? Yes

Life can survive in space? Yes, but it is not an easy place to live, a very unforgiving, often very cold, full of radiation to space, and it is a rather hostile environment. It is a hostile environment everywhere except where it is not. And that is exactly where somewheres, I expected life to grow, survive, and thrive in a wide variety of unique shapes, mostly simple life like planet forms.

Of complex life course, before you get the Bible to me, and I said do not know what I’m talking about, I hope you will suspend religious superstition and propaganda long enough to listen to me, learn something, and maybe open your mind to think outside the box chapel, pyramid-shaped tomb, or a rounded dome spiritual nonsense. Your choice – Okay, I’m glad to see you’re still with me, because I want to pose an interesting question for you, and give you my best guess and reasoning on the subject, “Can Start and Improve Life in Planetary Stable Lagrange Points? “Well, I think the answer is a resounding, yes. And I’m not talking about extraterrestrials as portrayed in science fiction novels, but I want to talk about microbial life, and a very simple life forms that feed off the gas, minerals, and space debris often found in equilibrium Lagrange area, especially very stable. I mean when I say unstable stable as during the planet hundreds of millions if not billions of areas such as gravity balance years.

In almost everything there is to life like it does in Earth. With gas, particles of water ice, and lots of elements and minerals that we find on Earth. There is no reason that life does not exist in this area. There should be bacteria, viruses, and all kinds of microbial life in these locations. The reason you doubt what I say, or can not treat it, you do not have a frame of reference, because we as humans have not been adequately explored area space.

Look, if we see amino acids in comet dust, and if we know what seemed to be fossilized compounds asteroid hit the earth, then there would be no life to live, reproduce, grow, and thrive in equilibrium Lagrange point. Please consider all this.

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Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

Until 1944, when Canadian researchers Oswald Avery (1877-1955), Colin MacLeod (1909-1972), American scientist and Maclyn McCarty (1911-2005) of DNA that carry hereditary information, the carrier protein is considered the most information possible. Proteins are strings made of 20 types of molecules known as amino acids, and complex molecules capable of assuming many forms. DNA, in comparison, is a string of only four types of molecules known as nucleotides or bases – A, T, C and G. DNA seems too simple to bring a surprising amount of information required to develop a plan for complex organisms such as DNA humans.

But is perfect for his role. As found by the British scientist Francis Crick and James Watson biology America in 1953, the structure of DNA is usually double-stranded helix, as shown in the picture. While bonds, called hydrogen bonds, stabilizing the base configuration. Because of the shape and geometry of the helix and bases, adenine bonds only with thymine, and cytosine bonds with guanine. The specific base pair sequence means that if one strand of the double helix AGGTAC, for example, a string constant must TCCATG. Such specificity is important when DNA is copied, as happens when a cell divides into two, and should provide the same to the daughter cell DNA.

Helix strands must be separated in order to access the command enzymes, and each strand to form a template to create the opposite strand – the enzyme will be entered in a T opposite A, C of G, and so on, until the original double-stranded helix copied and two identical double-stranded helix is ​​present . A single cell in the human body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, DNA is tightly wrapped package. In short, human DNA contains about 3 billion bases – six feet (1.8 m) from the DNA to stretch it out! Information encoded in the DNA sequence inherited from parent to child, one chromosome of each pair comes from the mother and one from the father. And the stability of the base pairs of DNA molecules is an important feature because of their ability to convey information, but also biologists exploit the properties when they move or clone the gene. And there is the potential for other uses of DNA in science and engineering, including computer technology.

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Overcoming Slow twitch muscles in High Velocity Human effort

We know that all humans are built a little differently, but we also know that there is a genetic component to the fast twitch muscles, and those with slow twitch muscles. People fast twitch muscles better at running, and with slow twitch muscle can save on their energy more efficiently, and they tend to be very good with things like running marathons.

Still, we must ask if there is a slow way to overcome twitching muscles that some people have, if and when they get themselves involved in a high speed human effort? With the high speed, obviously I’m talking about sports, but there are many other things you can use for muscle fast, and if you are in military combat situations, the fast twitch muscle You can make alive.

However, in a firefight that very long, whereas fighting, slow twitch muscle will come to your benefit. Now the question is can you take a person with slow twitch muscles and bring them to the point where they can operate in an environment where people have fast twitch muscles do a little better? I believe so, and I think it has to do with muscle reflex memory.

That is to say when one is train their muscles to work in a certain way – they can cope with the reaction time, allowing them to compete with their fast-twitch muscle. When we see people in the martial arts, usually people with a fast twitch muscle with advantage. But this is not always the case, when two people compete and have slow twitch muscle has been studying art for a decade or so they have a muscle memory reflex their side.

The muscle memory is so strong , and reflexes are so fast, that they can overcome challenges. In fact, I hope you will please consider this topic, because there is not much research has been done, although there is a lot to talk, there’s a lot of research on how to address the situation. Please think on this.

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Types of polyploidy – Autopolyploidy and Allopolyploid

During the process of meiosis in which the fusion of two chromosomes from the father and mother accomplished, there must be a proper fusion. If fusion incorrect and if the cells are still separated then this will result in some polyploid chromosome called the nucleus. This is the kind of anomalies that occur during the process of meiosis. Polyploid cell formation can occur in two ways. One autopolyploid and one core allopolyploid.

An autopolyploid kind of polyploid nuclei, which formed when a single cell is diploid set of chromosomes from both parents either. This means that the homologous chromosomes rather than the fusion of different species during reproduction.

Cells containing nuclei undergo meiosis all set. The only condition is that they should have 1-1 cell meiosis, which is a form of two different parents. This condition must be satisfied during the initial stages of meiosis Prophase. Now, since this condition is not satisfied, and there are two homologous cell nuclei into autopolyploid. Now when the pair going on and there are more than two homologous cells, and then there will be much confusion on their partners. This results in a polyploid condition causes anomalies in the core meiosis.

The next type is the allopolyploid nucleus. This happens when more than the required number of species contributing to the core chromosome. For example, we can consider the wheat grain. Grain is a cross between three types of herbs. Since all three types of contributions, hold these six sets of chromosomes. Each row has a pair of homologous chromosome. Making it perfect for a complete meiosis.

Initially, allopolyploids are formed from different kinds of organisms from the same species. It happened unintentionally. However, as a human being investigated for profit for such accidental cross-fertilizations he began to use this method to perform asexual reproduction and produces several varieties of species of plants and filling. In this way, we can avoid meiosis and get an exception at this stage. The ability of plants has proven that if meiosis is disabled in species survival possible.

This method is now successfully used in the cultivation of various kinds of fruits such as bananas. This is one of the most successful species of plants, which are cultivated by using this method. In fact, most commercial success in business is due to the implementation of major plant allopolyploid.

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